Registrations for 2011 Leinster Under 18 Development Course

April 22, 2010

Here are the final registrations for the 2010 Leinster Under 18 Development Course:

This course is due to start on 9th May but may clash with Under 18 schedule so is being looked at as Under 18 coach would need to cast eye over any talent that might emerge from this course.

  1. Amy Ryan
  2. Evie McCullough
  3. Jessica Meeke
  4. Kate Barlow
  5. Emma Russell
  6. Ella Patchett
  7. Emma Gondry
  8. Sally Jones
  9. Kate Brooks
  10. Serena Rush
  11. Sophie Daly
  12. Rebecca Cairns
  13. Sophie Power
  14. Aisling Murchan
  15. Helen Lynch
  16. Jane Fennelly
  17. Vicki Ryan
  18. Sarah Daly
  19. Sophie Boucher
  20. Alex Hernan
  21. Sadhbh Mcloughlin
  22. Susan O’Riordan
  23. Alyssa O’Neill
  24. Emily Higgins
  25. Sarah Henry
  26. Yvonne Nyingi
  27. Jessica Harding
  28. Lucy Mortell
  29. Claired Dunne
  30. Laura Martina
  31. Sarah MacGiollariogh
  32. Emily Pennington
  33. Jenny Sykes
  34. Orla Macken
  35. Hazel Conway
  36. Lasairiona Power
  37. Jane Meredith
  38. Joanna McDonnell
  39. Jade Hanley
  40. Lauren Cavanagh
  41. Pauline McKeown
  42. Aoife Nolan
  43. Chloe Hamill
  44. Aoise Keogan-Nooshabadi
  45. Jane Gilsenan
  46. Jennifer Anderson
  47. Lauren Haughton
  48. Lauren McGrane
  49. Sarah Jennings


  1. Hi,

    When does the U18 Development course start?
    I can only find the schedule for the U16.

    Many thanks,

    Vicki Ryan.

    • Under 18 has started, If you registered you should have been contacted.
      I have you down for the 2011 Under development course and some from this course may be promoted to the already going Under 18 squad for this year. The course you are on will be announced soon.

      Stuart Ferguson

  2. Can you tell me if the under 18 development course is going ahead on Sunday 9th? Where and what time?


    Nuala Gondry

    • As far as I am aware all courses are going ahead this weekend.


  3. Hi

    I’m a bit confused to what coarse I was registered for because I’m getting the emails but my name is on the list.
    Many thanks,

    Maeve Daly

    • I have you attending the Under 18 trials.

      • Thanks. I think I meant to be in the developement coarse instead. I may hav done the registration wrong. Sorry, what do you recommend i do next?


      • please attend the correct course at any session you can make and make the coach aware of the mix up.

  4. hi i have been getting emails but my name isent on the list when are the u18 trails on or should i be going to the u18 development training on the 9th of may ?.

  5. Hi i have registered for this course but my name isnt coming up on the list? should i go to development training on the 16th? thank you

    • Please go, it might take a little while to update the lists especially if you are being moved to another.

  6. Hi ,

    May 23 2011….when does Leinster schools development U18 commence?
    Is there info on a website?

    Many thanks,

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